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What is Coco•Mix? Biobizz Coco•Mix is probably the best coco coir, 100% organic product on the market. Coco•Mix contains Coco coir, a waste product of the coconut industry, has proven

What is Worm·Humus? Worm·Humus is high-quality, 100% organic compost. Our 100% pure, organic worm castings are lab-tested and to ensure the very highest quality they have not been produced using

Great product for organic gardeners complete nutrient starter nutrients kit. vegetative stage to flowering excellent for beginners.

Senua bring together this excellent outdoor starter kit consisting of bio fish mix, bio bloom and top Max bloom.

Senua bring together this excellent hydro starter kit consisting of bio heaven, bio bloom and top Max bloom

If you live in a soft water area, or use Reverse Osmosis water then you may experience plant deficiencies in Calcium and Magnesium. BioBizz feeds and boosters, on their own, work best in medium-hard water.  BioBizz Calmag will correct any lack of 2 of the key minerals in your water.

BioBizz Leaf Coat is a 100% organic plant strengthener. Leaf coat forms a protective barrier over your plants leaves repelling harmful insects and fungi

Bio·pH- has been designed especially for the organic farming sector. Correcting pH in a natural way is essential for plants to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. The natural formulation of Bio·pH- enables fast pH adjusting of any type of substrate and for any type of crop, without harming the soil micro life. Bio·pH- is an aqueous solution made of citric acid found naturally in different citrus fruits, such as lemons. It is designed to work perfectly with the Biobizz nutrients and can be used in every watering. It is suitable to be used during both the growing and the flowering period.

Bio pH+ is an organic pH regulator that works to ensure that acidity / alkalinity levels in the substrate remain optimal, for the absorption of nutrients and for the health of beneficial microorganisms. Bio pH+ contains a rich source of humic acid, a powerful natural additive that works to accelerate nutrient uptake, promoting healthy growth and development.

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