Cyco – Platinum Series Complete Recovery Kit 1L

The Cyco Complete Recovery Kit has been put together to act as a rapid response to aid plants showing signs of environmental stresses or deficiencies. Using these carefully selected Cyco products will give your garden the boost it needs to get back on track and growing healthy, strong plants.

Cyco Bitz 50ltr

Cyco Platinum series Coco Blitz is a mixture of Coco coir and chunk coir which provides superior aeration and drainage qualities with no additional amendments of perlite. With a base of Coco Coir fibers, larger chunks of coconut coir based material is then added resulting in a medium removing the need for perlite

Cyco Pearl 50ltr

Cyco Pearl is a mixture of Coco coir and Perlite. Cyco coco Pearl is a clean product that is free from harmful parasites and diseases.

Cyco Pebbles 50Ltr

Cyco Hydro Clay is certified as a growing media through the RAL Quality assurance association. therefore it is a substrate approved and used for plant cultivation.


Cyco Grow A & B – Premium Growth Stage Nutrients

Cyco Platinum Series Grow A and are premium pharmaceutical grade nutrients. Cyco Grow A base nutrient contains nitrates that are vital for chlorophyll formation, leaf growth and nucleic acid production, Grow A also contains a great source of readily available calcium crucial for the formation of strong stalks, stems and leaf cell walls.
Cyco Grow B contains a complimentary combination of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium essential for plant development and when used in conjuction with Cyco Grow A, provides a premium quality nutrient base for your garden ensuring consistant, healthy and prosperous crops.

  • Two part base nutrient system
  • Complete formula of micro-nutrients
  • Formulated for superior mineral uptake
  • Derived from 100% Pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Cyco Bloom A and B

Cyco Bloom A & B – Blooming Serious

Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A and B nutrients build on the foundation of Cycy Grow A&B to create the perfect combination of nutrient needed to make your garden thrive through the flowering phase of plant growth. Cyco Bloom A is a mix of pharmaceutical grade nitrates that are necessary for the photosynthesis process, amino acid creation and the forming of enzymes. Magnesium and calcium have also been included to aid in making chlorophll and building stronger cell walls.

Cyco Bloom B completes the combination by adding phosphorus, vital for plant metabolic function, and potassium which aid in reducing water loss, wilting resistance and moving sugars to the areas of the plant that they are most needed.

  • Aids in the construction of chlorophyll
  • Builds strong cell walls
  • Helps in the translocation of sugars
  • Reduces water loss and wilting


Fill tank with water. Add 30ml/2.1 tbsp of both Part A and Part B per 10 litres/2.65 gallons of water. Check and adjust ph (5.5-5.8)

Cyco B1 Boost

B1 Boost – First Aid for Plants

Cyco B1 Boost combines a healthy dose of NPK nutrients with plant-health boosting vitamin B1 (thiamine). It provides vital nutrition and acts as a tonic for your plants that will make them more resistant to stress. Use it alongside your base nutrients and additives right the way through the grow, from veg to flower.

  • Contains a source of NPK nutrients and thiamine
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Reduces the risk of transplant shock
  • Enhances the development and success rates of your cuttings
  • Promotes the development of healthy roots
  • Relieves stress caused by pests or the environment
  • Promotes vibrant, healthy growth
  • Highly effective in any growing medium or system
  • Used alongside your base nutrient, right the way through veg and flower
  • Added at 2.0ml per litre of nutrient solution

Cyco Potash

Cyco Potash Plus – Mild PK Booster Used for Early Flowering

Cyco Potash Plus is actually more of a mild PK booster as it fulfills plants’ requirements for both phosphorus and potassium, which increase during the bloom phase. These essential macronutrients help to produce abundant flowers and substantial fruits. Cyco Potash also contains sulphur, which is used in the production of chlorophyll, the main component in the process of photosynthesis. When your plants photosynthesise more efficiently, they can create more sugars using the carbon extracted from CO2 in the air. This in turn delivers much, much heavier fruits. Sulphur also has the effect of increasing phosphorus uptake, making this key nutrient more available to the plant.

  • Used as an early flowering / fruiting enhancer
  • Increase the density of flower clusters, giving more potential for fruiting
  • Accelerates the process of photosynthesis
  • Provides key macronutrients
  • Administered at 1.0ml per litre
  • Use Potash Plus for the first 4 weeks of flower, then switch to using ‘Swell’
  • Delivers great results in any medium or grow system

Cyco Dr. Repair

Dr. Repair – Treats Iron Deficiency and Repairs Leaf Damage

Cyco Dr. Repair has been formulated to tackle chlorosis – or the yellowing of leaves due to a lack of chlorophyll. It works by forming a two-pronged attack – first it treats the iron deficiency by utilising a highly available form of EDTA iron that’s easily absorbed by plants; then, it helps to nourish the leaves and repair any damage caused by the deficiency with a highly available form of urea based nitrogen. Dr. Repair can also be used as a preventative throughout the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.

  • Corrects iron deficiencies
  • Treats the symptoms caused by iron deficiency
  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Contains balanced amounts of urea based nitrogen
  • Helps to darken up yellowing leaves
  • Can be used right the way through
  • Used at rate of 1.0ml per litre
  • Treats deficiencies in any growing medium and in any system

Cyco Uptake

Cyco Uptake – Premium Humates Aiding Micronutrient Processing

Cyco Platinum Series Uptake can be used through both vegetative and flowering phases and is a source of humates that act as a mechanism for transporting trace minerals to promote healthy growth.

  • Enhances uptake of micronutrients
  • Premium Humates
  • Contains Fulvic Acid
  • Increases cell membranes
  • increases mineral efficency