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Biobizz pH +

Bio pH+ is an organic pH regulator that works to ensure that acidity / alkalinity levels in the substrate remain optimal, for the absorption of nutrients and for the health of beneficial microorganisms. Bio pH+ contains a rich source of humic acid, a powerful natural additive that works to accelerate nutrient uptake, promoting healthy growth and development.

Biobizz Bio pH Down

BioBizz Bio·pH- is your go-to pH regulator for precise nutrient solution control. Achieve optimal pH levels effortlessly, promoting healthier and more productive plant growth.

BioBizz 500ml Starter Pack

The BioBizz 500ml Starter Pack is an all-encompassing organic nutrient kit, ideal for gardeners seeking to foster plant growth and soil health naturally. It's your complete guide to successful organic gardening.

BioBizz Acti-Vera

Boost the immune systems of your plants and improve nutrient uptake with BioBizz's concentrated Aloe-Vera formula. By harnessing the power of this highly revered succulent, you'll make your crop more resistant to a wide array of stress factors, such as environmental issues, pests and diseases, while also speeding up growth rates.

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic

BioBizz Alg-A-Mic is a 100% organic vitality booster that can be used to provide a boost in veg or flowering.  

Biobizz All Mix

Biobizz All Mix is a 100% organic potting soil, renowned as the Rolls-Royce of soil mixes. This richly fertilised mix contains garden peat, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, organic worm humus, and BioBizz Pre-Mix. It ensures an airy, nutrient-rich environment for roots, promoting lush, healthy plant growth. Perfect for use with organic nutrients and additives, Biobizz All Mix is ideal for established plants and offers enough nutrients for several weeks of growth.

BioBizz Bio·Bloom

BioBizz Bio·Bloom is the organic bloom booster your plants need for abundant flowering. Elevate your gardening experience and witness the magic of lush, vibrant blooms.

BioBizz Bio·Grow

BioBizz Bio·Grow is an organic plant food that unlocks vigorous vegetative growth. Prepare your plants for a thriving garden and a successful flowering phase.

BioBizz Bio·Heaven

BioBizz Bio·Heaven is the organic plant energy booster that enhances nutrient uptake and supports overall plant health, ensuring your garden thrives with vitality.

Biobizz CalMag

BioBizz CalMag is a specially designed supplement to boost calcium and magnesium levels, promoting stronger, healthier plant growth in all types of gardens. Ideal for addressing nutrient deficiencies.

Biobizz Coco Mix 50Ltr

Discover the natural excellence of Biobizz Coco•Mix, a premium 100% organic coco coir medium. Sourced sustainably, it offers an ideal environment for plant growth with its superior aeration and balanced pH levels. Perfect for eco-conscious gardeners, Coco•Mix ensures healthy root development and robust plant growth

BioBizz Fish-Mix

BioBizz Fish-Mix is one of the original liquid organic plant foods and is still one of the best. Packed with goodness to grow beautiful plants the natural way.