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Plant !t Perlite

Plant!t Perlite is a natural, pH-neutral, and sterile growing medium derived from volcanic rock, ideal for soil conditioning. It significantly increases aeration and drainage, making it perfect for managing heavy, hard-to-work soils, repairing lawns, and planting trees and shrubs. This lightweight and odourless medium is easy to handle and safe to use, available in 10-litre and 100-litre bags, making it an essential addition for gardeners aiming to improve soil quality and plant health.

PLANT!T Vermiculite

PLANT!T Vermiculite, a natural and sterile soft mica mineral, is ideal for a variety of gardening uses. Its excellent water retention properties make it perfect for seed propagation, container planting, and soil conditioning, especially in sandy or poor soils. This lightweight and odourless mineral helps reduce plant stress in extreme weather and slowly releases absorbed nutrients back to the plants. Available in 10-litre and 100-litre sizes, PLANT!T Vermiculite is an essential addition for gardeners seeking to improve moisture management and soil quality.