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Garden Highpro Max Light Reflector – (Air Cooled) (6″) 150mm

Air cooled reflectors such as the Max Light allow you to remove excess heat generated by artificial lighting, this can

Prima Kilma Cooltube in 5″ 125mm or 6″152mm

Prima Klima’s Cool Tubes are produced in Europe and are renowned for their superior quality. The Cool Tube uses Miro9 material for inside and outside the reflector giving an incredible 97% reflectivity. Its super sturdy plastic flanges offer increased efficiency with less heat build up than metallic alternatives and also has extra electrical insulation.

Senua Budget Cooltube available in 5″ 125mm and 6″ 152mm

Senua Cool Tube Shade Grow Room Tent Hydroponic Lighting Reflector Air Cooled Available in 2 sizes 152mm 6" 200mm 8"