Navigate the realm of hydroponics with confidence, knowing that our filter collection is designed to ensure your grow space remains a bastion of purity and potential. Filters are pivotal in maintaining an optimal growing environment, scrubbing odours, and airborne pathogens that can compromise plant health. Our hydroponics grow shop presents a curated selection of industry-leading filters engineered to suit systems of any scale. From hobbyists to commercial cultivators, the assurance of a contaminant-free atmosphere begins with our premium filters, safeguarding your investment and ensuring the sanctity of your harvest.

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CAN In-Line Carbon Filters 300mm-3000mm for 100mm(4in)-315mm(12in) Ducting runs.

CAN In-Line Carbon Filters are expertly crafted for direct integration into ducting runs. Made with lightweight, high-grade carbon, they are ideal for both primary and secondary filtration. With lengths ranging from 300mm to 3000mm and compatibility from 4" to 12" ducting, these filters offer versatility and a lifespan of 18 months.

Senua Carbon Filter

The Senua Carbon Filter range are perfect for cleaning the incoming, outgoing or bypassing the flow of air from bad smell using physical and chemical absorbsion.

Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters

Rhino Hobby Filters: Perfect for novice growers, these filters boast advanced technology, easy usability, and a longer lifespan. With high-quality Australian RC412 carbon and a fully reversible neck, they effectively purify air in various sizes suited for hobbyists.

Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

Rhino Pro Filters are engineered for excellence, featuring Australian-mined RC412 carbon, renowned as the world's best. These filters are uniquely designed with a high-efficiency airflow cylinder and a vortex cone for optimal air transference. The combination of high-porosity carbon and lightweight aluminium construction makes these filters both effective and easy to handle. With a lifespan exceeding two years, significantly longer than standard carbon filters, they offer reliability and extended performance for serious growers."

Mountain Air Carbon Filter

Mountain Air Filters redefine air purification with exceptional durability and performance. Designed for over 3 years of constant use, they offer long-lasting odour control and superior airflow. Their unique activated carbon design ensures effective and efficient operation with minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for growers seeking quality air filtration.

Red Scorpion Carbon Filters

Red Scorpion Carbon Filters offer advanced air cleaning and deodorizing for hydroponic setups. Made with fine granular activated carbon and featuring a unique aluminium cylinder design, these filters ensure efficient air purification. Perfectly compatible with various extractor fans, they're essential for maintaining a fresh, odour-free grow space.
Filters are the unsung heroes of hydroponics, and our collection features the crème de la crème of the industry. Rhino Filters leads the pack with their thick carbon beds and long-lasting performance. Mountain Air Filters follow closely, prized for their reliability and superior air purification capabilities. Red Scorpion Filters offer budget-friendly efficiency without compromising quality. And for those who demand the gold standard, Can-Filters reign supreme with their unmatched durability and spectrum of sizes. Select from our top-tier filters and breathe easy, knowing your grow room’s air is in expert hands.