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Ora 10L Humidifier

Control humidity and create the optimum growing environment with this lightweight, fully adjustable Ora 10L Humidifier. The Ora humidifier has a 10L capacity and allows you to easily control and increase moisture levels, ensuring clean air in your grow room.

Senelux 12L/Day Dehumidifier, Portable Electric Dehumidifier with 3.2 L Water Tank Continuous Drainage, Washable Filter, Intelligent Humidity Control

Senelux dehumidifier for spaces up to 1500 Sq.Ft removes 12L of water per day. Using the humidity control, You can set the dehumidifier to continuously operate, where the unit will run until the drain bucket is full, at which point the unit will stop, or you can set the desired humidity level (40-80%) on the control panel. LED display makes the dehumidifier visually show humidity levels and timer duration, With rotatable wheels and the ergonomically hidden handle is easy to move easily.

Senelux Dehumidifier 2000ml, Electric Dehumidifier, with Easy Clean Filter and Auto-off, Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner

The Senelux 2000ml dehumidifier for the home can quickly and effectively remove excess moisture from the air, and improve your home's environment more comfort and health. This small dehumidifier is perfect for your basement, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, closets, garage, caravan, storage rooms, kitchen, office, RV, wardrobe, locker, crawl space, and baby room.

Senelux Powerful 500ML Mini Portable Best Quiet Air Dehumidifier Small Dehumidifier Efficient and Stable, Home Damp, Portable Moisture Absorber

Senelux 500ml dehumidifier is lightweight and quiet. It is perfect for small rooms and poorly ventilated areas such as wardrobes, cabinets and storage rooms that are susceptible to damp odours and fungus. Using this dehumidifier will help eliminate unwanted moisture from the air.No too much moisture, we can be more healthy, and our things can be kept better. The dehumidifier is modern, portable and very economical to use. Its collection system has a 500ml capacity of water storage which is easy to remove and empty. The unit will stand by automatically once the tank is full. Suitable for home, office and many more locations. Work constantly to reduce the moisture level of the surrounding area to help prevent dampness, mould and mildew.