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E40 CFL Light Bulb Hanger 4m Cord + UK Plug

Lamp Hanger for E40 CFL ligth bulbs with UK style mains plug. For use where a reflector is not required,

E40 CFL Light Bulb Hanger 4m Cord + EU Plug

Lamp Hanger for E40 CFL ligth bulbs with EU mains plug. For use where a reflector is not required, when

Senua CFL Grow Light Bulb

Eco-Lights are market leading high powered compact fluorescent grow lamps (CFL) that can be used as either your primary grow light or as a supplementary light to your main grow light. They are available in both blue and red spectrum for vegetative and flowering growth respectively. They are not as productive as high intensity lights but are cheaper to buy and cheaper to run. No separate ballast is required for these lights, they simply screw into a standard E40 fitting (normal grow light lamp holder) and run directly through a mains plug.

Senua CFL Grow Light Bulb + Reflector Kit

The CFL Reflector includes a mains lead and E40 lampholder. Featuring a strengthened lamp support to cope with the additional weight of a CFL lamp and precise angles for optimum light distribution. CFL BULB CFL Lamps Self ballasted energy saving grow lamps. Self ballasted compact fluorescent lighting that offers growers the choice of low energy growing where heat or cost is a concern. Use 6400K for growth & the 2700K model for your budding or flowering stages, when used in your horticultural applications. These 300 watt lamps are ideal for supplemental lighting between your tall crops, maximizing the availability of high quality light to your chosen crop.

Senua Hydroponic Propagation Tube Light Kit, T5, 6500 K CFL, Low Power Consumption

Senua T5 Grow Fluorescent Fixture & 6500K Bulbs available in different sizes High quality 24 w tubes 3300 lumens; 6500 kelvin 220/240 V AC-50 Hz UK Power wire included

PS1 Propagation System 1 – T5 Super High Output Lighting (2x 24w )

5HO 24w electronic ballast with built-in reflectors x 2 T5HO 24w Purple fluorescent tube x 2 Nano reflective film x 2 1 set of click & lock spine 3 pins 2m long power cable with UK plug 3 pins 30cm long connection cable x 2