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Garden Highpro Lighthanger 5kg

The Lighthanger unit consists of a system of 2 hooks joined by a braided rope and a safety pulley

Plant It YO YO PACK OF 8

The PLANT!T YoYo tightens as your plant grows, eliminating the need to re-hang everyday

Senua Rope Rachet Hangers (1 Pair)

Senua Ratchet Hangers are crafted for heavy-duty use in hydroponic systems and are capable of supporting up to 68kg. Made from high-strength nylon with stainless steel carabiners, they provide secure, adjustable suspension for grow lights, fans, and more. Their easy-to-use, lockable design ensures your equipment stays firmly in place.

Senua Plant Hanger Hanging Planter Basket Rope Flower Pot Holder with Key Ring

The plant hangers are made of durable natural jute, they are hand-woven with a simple design; ideal for any room. The hangers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Expand the four strings and place the pot in the middle for a beautiful decoration. Hang using the stainless steel key ring attached to the hanger.

YO YO hangers

YO-YO hanger allows the grower to adjust the height of light(s) and reflector(s) with ease in a matter of seconds