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LUMii Black Magnetic HPS Light Kit

LUMii Black Magnetic HPS Light Kit LUMii Black Magnetic Kit LUMii Black HPS Light Kit LUMii Black Light Kit Grow Kit

Omega 600W Grow Light Kit Digital Ballast Eurowing Reflector Dual Spectrum Lamp

Introducing the very latest in lighting technology Omega Lighting Kits are regarded as the best on the market and excellent

600w HPS LUMII Black Dimmable Grow Light Kit

The LUMii Black Digital Dimmable 600 Watt Lighting Kit gives you all the features of high end hardware for a fraction of the price. This LUMii Black Digital kit comes with an open ended and highly polished dimpled reflector along with a LUMii 600w Electronic Ballast, 600w LUMii HPS Black Lamp.

Flexstar 3-Mode Adjustable DE Reflector & Ballast – 1000W + Gavita DE Lamp

FlexStar allows growers to create ideal lighting condition across all stages of plant growth for increased vitality health and yield.

HPS Light Kits

These represent some of the best value light setups around! Featuring the much-loved Budget Reflector, a veg-to-flower spectrum adjusted lamp and your choice of ballast from our own Senua factory This is a Grow Light System that can accelerate development and hearty flowering! HPS light is for better flowering, which is best for your plants chlorophyll production. The balanced spectrum light absorbed well by chlorophyll.