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Round Pots

Round black plastic pots at great value prices. Hobby pots are available in 12 sizes and are constructed from thinner plastic than our premium quality pots, but are still a cut above the majority of budget offerings.

Plastic Round Saucers

High quality, black plastic saucers designed to fit the hobby round pots. Strong & robust design Great for catching water under your plant pots & reducing staining on your patios. Heavy-duty Black plastic saucers.

Square Pots

Fantastic value High quality black plastic Ultra tough - will stand up to plenty of abuse Available in a range of four sizes; 2L, 6L, 11L and 18L Premium 6L, 11L and 18L square pots are designed to fit the Atami Wilma system

Square Saucers

High quality, black plastic saucers designed to fit the premium square pots.

Pruning Pots

  • Available in six sizes; 2L, 4.5L, 7.5L, 9.5L, 12L, and 20L

Senua Eco-Friendly Grow Bags Planters 1 – 30 Gallon

Senua Fabric Pots are made of thick-but-breathable 300 GSM nonwoven material that allows roots to breathe and grow healthier, boosts plant growth and yields. Strap handles are firmly stitched on and reinforced to support far more than a full load of wet soil, more secure lifting and moving indoor or outdoor

Senua Potato Grow Bag, 7 Gallon

These garden planter bags are suitable for indoor and outdoor planting. They are ideal for patios, small gardens, balconies, sun rooms, and any outdoor space. They can be used to plant potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onions, beans, apple trees, papaya trees, guava trees, flowers and so on. You can plant different plants according to your personal preferences.

Senua Potato Grow Bags 28 Gallon


Senua Potato Grow Bags 28 Gallon Planting Pouch Fabric Pots Premium Breathable Cloth Bags for Potato/Plant Container with Handles

Senua Strawberry Grow Bags – 2 Pack (10 Gallon)

Do you like planting Strawberries in your own garden? Have you ever been worried that there is no suitable place to grow Strawberries or other vegetables? Now, these garden grow bags can solve all your problems, help you plant strawberries on your patio or balcony much easier!

PLANT !T Square Base Dirt Pot 11L to 56L

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot offers value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous breathable fabric, PLANT!T Dirt Pots allow your plants to thrive, promote exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth.

Root Pouch Black or Grey

Root Pouches are very cost-effective way to gain all the benefits of air pruning. Instead of roots circling around the edge of a pot, the roots stop growing when they hit the side of the breathable cloth pot. This encourages new roots to be sent out which fill all the soil between the plant and the fabric pot. This creates a much larger root system – and a bigger root-system means bigger yields!
  • Eliminates root circling
  • Air-prunes roots for a dense and fibrous root system
  • Provides plenty of aeration which oxygenates the root systems
  • Improves drainage
  • Healthier roots mean more productive plants and bigger yields
  • Highly economical for those running larger numbers of plants
  • The genuine article, uses thicker fabric that won't rip unlike cheaper alternatives
  • Can be re-used – will last for years
  • Creates a thick, radial root mass
  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled materials
  • Can be folded flat, making them very easy to transport and store

Hanging Baskets 35cm – 40cm – 3 Designs

Round Hanging Baskets for your summer plants and flowers made with Rattan and Wicker around a strong wire frame and