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Cyco Pearl 50ltr

Cyco Pearl is a mixture of Coco coir and Perlite. Cyco coco Pearl is a clean product that is free

Ecothrive Coco perlite 70 30

This Lite Mix contains the winning combination of 70% Coco, 30% perlite and 1% Charge. It works especially well when used with

Plant !t Perlite

PLANT!T Perlite can be used for:
  • Soil conditioning – increasing aeration and drainage in heavy, hard to manage soils
  • Repairing/laying down lawns – gives additional aeration and drainage when raked into spiked holes
  • Planting trees and shrubs – loosens and aerates soil to encourage root development
Available in 10 litres and 100 litres bags.

PLANT!T Vermiculite

PLANT!T Vermiculite can be used for:
  • Propagation from seed – its retention of water makes it good for sustaining the growth of seeds
  • Potting compost for container planting – it retains moisture, protects against adverse weather and aids re-wetting
  • Soil conditioning – its excellent water holding capabilities makes it an excellent addition to sandy or poor soils