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Atami Coco Substrate 50L

Cocos Substrate is a high-quality compost comprised of coco fibres extracted from the mesocarp of the coconut. It is a 100% natural product and designed so that it can be used immediately.

Biobizz Coco mix 50Ltr

What is Coco•Mix? Biobizz Coco•Mix is probably the best coco coir, 100% organic product on the market. Coco•Mix contains Coco

Canna Coco Natural 50L

Canna Coco Natural is a popular growing medium made from coconut fibre. Canna Coco Natural provides an ideal water and

Canna Coco Pebble Mix 60/40 50L

Coco Pebble Mix gives you the excellent mixture of Canna’s premium quality Coco Professional Plus and Aqua Clay Pebbles. This

CYCO Coco Bitz 50 Litre

Cyco Coco Bitz is a mixture of coco coir and chunk coir, which provides superior aeration and drainage qualities with no additional amendments of perlite. With a base of coco coir fibres, larger chunks of coconut coir-based material are then added, resulting in a medium removing the need for perlite, while ensuring continued aeration with no migration of the perlite to the top of the medium during use.

Cyco Pearl 50ltr

Cyco Pearl is a mixture of Coco coir and Perlite. Cyco coco Pearl is a clean product that is free

Ecothrive Coco + Charge 50L

This premium-grade, pre-buffered coco coir from the team at Ecothrive is supplied ready-mixed with the mighty ‘Charge’, an insect frass product

Ecothrive Coco Clay 60 40

The team at Ecothrive has sourced extremely high-quality coco and clay pebbles for this medium, which has earned it the treasured RHP

Ecothrive Coco perlite 70 30

This Lite Mix contains the winning combination of 70% Coco, 30% perlite and 1% Charge. It works especially well when used with

Gold Label 60/40 Mix 50Ltr

The ultimate Ebb & Flood mix! 60/40 is an exclusive mix that offers the free draining capabilities of clay, with

Plagron Coco 50L

Thanks to its ideal structure Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. Cocos Premium is fully buffered with a