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Cyco – Platinum Series Complete Recovery Kit 1L

The Cyco Complete Recovery Kit has been put together to act as a rapid response to aid plants showing signs of environmental

Cyco B1 Boost

Cyco B1 Boost combines a healthy dose of NPK nutrients with plant-health boosting vitamin B1 (thiamine). It provides vital nutrition and acts as a tonic for your plants that will make them more resistant to stress. Use it alongside your base nutrients and additives right the way through the grow, from veg to flower.

Cyco Bloom A and B

Cyco Platinum Series Bloom A and B nutrients build on the foundation of Cyco Grow A&B to create the perfect combination of nutrient needed to make your garden thrive through the flowering phase of plant growth. Cyco Bloom A is a mix of pharmaceutical grade nitrates that are necessary for the photosynthesis process, amino acid creation and the forming of enzymes. Magnesium and calcium have also been included to aid in making chlorophyll and building stronger cell walls.

Cyco Dr. Repair

Cyco Dr. Repair has been formulated to tackle chlorosis - or the yellowing of leaves due to a lack of chlorophyll. It works by forming a two-pronged attack – first it treats the iron deficiency by utilising a highly available form of EDTA iron that's easily absorbed by plants; then, it helps to nourish the leaves and repair any damage caused by the deficiency with a highly available form of urea based nitrogen. Dr. Repair can also be used as a preventative throughout the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.


Cyco Platinum Series Grow A and are premium pharmaceutical grade nutrients. Cyco Grow A base nutrient contains nitrates that are vital for chlorophyll formation, leaf growth and nucleic acid production, Grow A also contains a great source of readily available calcium crucial for the formation of strong stalks, stems and leaf cell walls.

Cyco Kleanse


Cyco Kleanse - Formulated Cleansing Flush

Cyco Kleanse is a unique additive designed for use with Cyco Platinum Series nutrients that can be used throughout the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth. Cyco Kleanse is intended to be used during a weekly flush to dissolve mineral deposits in the growing medium and on the plant roots thereby increasing uptake efficiency.

  • Improves root zone cleanliness
  • Dissolves mineral deposits
  • Aids mineral uptake
  • Increases oxygenation

Cyco Potash

Cyco Potash Plus is actually more of a mild PK booster as it fulfills plants' requirements for both phosphorus and potassium, which increase during the bloom phase. These essential macronutrients help to produce abundant flowers and substantial fruits. Cyco Potash also contains sulphur, which is used in the production of chlorophyll, the main component in the process of photosynthesis.  

Cyco Ryzofuel


Ryzofuel - Potent Root Boosting Seaweed Product

Ryzofuel is Cyco's world-class root boosting product. It contains natural growth hormones, derived from kelp, which promote healthy roots while encouraging new root growth. Great roots make great plants that will make better use of any nutrients delivered to them via the grow media or grow system. If you want to produce huge yields, the ONLY way to do it is to make sure that your roots are as healthy as possible from the start.

Using an effective root product like Ryzofuel will give your plants the best start possible. You'll also help to ensure that root disease never becomes an issue – problems like pythium can ruin entire crops, turning healthy roots into brown sludge. Using Ryzofuel can save you a lot of headaches further down the line by creating a stronger root system from the start.

  • Encourages the growth of new roots
  • Protects against root diseases
  • Promotes overall plant health and vigor
  • Improves cutting success rates
  • Use at 0.5ml per litre through the vegetative growth stages
  • Can be used the right the way through, if required
  • Can be used at 2.0ml per litre as a tonic for sick plants
  • Works great as a foliar spray at 2.0ml per litre

Cyco Silica


Cyco Silica - For Toughening up Overall Plant Structure

Cyco Silica works to improve the structure of plants by toughening the walls of individual cells. By assisting the health of each individual cell, the whole plant then becomes fortified from top to bottom. The effects can be quite dramatic and the differences can be seen with the naked eye – expect to see fatter stems, tougher branches and shinier leaves. As a result, your plants will then develop a much greater resistance to troublesome issues like pests, diseases/rot and pathogenic fungi.

  • Strengthens individual cells
  • Allows plants to support weight
  • Helps to combat the effects of heat stress
  • Assists with cell reproduction
  • The cleanest, purest potassium silicate
  • Reduces water loss - helps to control plant transpiration rates
  • Used at 1.0ml to 2.0ml per litre
  • Gets the job done in any medium or system


Cyco Sugar Rush


Cyco Suga Rush - Increase Yield

Cyco Suga Rush is an additive that is for use during the flowering or reproductive phase of plant growth. This formulation is a concentrated blend of simple and complex carbohydrates that reinforces the sugars produced in the plants leaves allowing additional sugars to be used to form terpene and terpenoids which in turn increase flavours and aroma.

  • Helps retain useful sugars
  • Allows transit of sugars through the plant
  • Helps to make terpene and terpenoid
  • Source of potassium
  • Increases yield in fruiting plants


Cyco Supa Stiky


Cyco Supa Stiky - Increase Size and Quality

Cyco Supa Stiky is an additive than can be used during the flowering cycle to improve the size and quality of plant fruit. This formulation acts as an aid in the creation of essential oils increasing aroma and taste.

  • Increased essential oils
  • Improves taste and aroma
  • Heightens production of terpene and terpenoid
  • Noticeably increased fruit size and quality

Cyco Swell


Cyco Swell - PK Booster for Weight Gain During Final Stages

The Cyco range features two PK boosters. The first is  Cyco Potash' used during the first 4 weeks of flower. The second is 'Swell', which you should use for the final weeks of the bloom phase, finishing just before the final flush. Swell has been formulated to increase final weights, by filling out fruits and increasing the production of essential oils. So not only will you increase the size of the harvest, you'll also be producing a much better end-product.

  • Optimised for the final weeks of the bloom phase, from week 5
  • Encourages fruits to fill-out and swell
  • Piles on the weight during the final stages
  • Can be used right up until the final flush
  • Added to your nutrient solution at a rate of 2.5ml per litre
  • Increases yields in any growing medium or grow system