Guangkalong Nutrients Section: Optimized Plant Nutrition

The Guangkalong Nutrients Section caters to gardeners and hydroponic enthusiasts with a range of nutrient solutions and supplements, specifically formulated to enhance plant growth and health. Guangkalong, a brand known for its effective and plant-friendly products, offers a variety of formulations suitable for various stages of plant development.

Key Features of Guangkalong Nutrients

Guangkalong’s product line is distinguished by its high-quality ingredients and tailored nutrient profiles. They provide essential nutrients in forms easily absorbed by plants, ensuring efficient and effective growth.

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Guanokalong Kalong Organic Seaweed

This organic vegan micro-organism booster is thanks to its micro-elements ideal for enhancing your soil for even better growth. Seaweed powder is also known for its moisture-retention properties: it improves the moisture balance in the soil.



GuanoKalong Extract Taste Improver is a liquid plant additive derived from natural bat dung that promotes increased yields and improves flavour and aroma.



Kalong Bat Boost K2 

Working as a taste improver containing humic acids which help plants to absorb the specific guano and other nutrients faster. Using humus made from 100% leonardite (highly oxidized lignite), your growing medium will have high levels of permanent humus assisting to reduce plant re-planting stress and water demands



For use in both coco and soil system Kalong Bloom Organic liquid contains stimulants required for microbes which live in the grow medium. Promoting healthy root function, maximising the bloom period and enhancing crop yields. Designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder – their combined organic nutrient profile gives stunning result.

KALONG Complete Organics

This 100% organic all-in-one fertiliser contains everything for the growth and bloom of your plants and flowers. Ideal for if you want to devote little time to the soil conditions of your pots or (vegetable) garden.



Designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder, Kalong Liquid – is 100% organic delivering excellent results using a mixture of vinasse and animal proteins. For use in soil and coco systems, it contains the vital stimulates needed for microbes to promote healthy root growth and development.

Guanokalong Black Pellets

Guanokalong® Black Pellets is a mixture of Guanokalong® Powder and humic acids in pellet form. By mixing it as a basic fertiliser into soil or coco coir substrate, Guanokalong® Black Pellets provides astonishing growth and less stress and moisture requirements during transplantation.

Guanokalong Powder


GuanoKalong Powder is a natural bat dung soil enhancer that excelerates root development, produces exhuberent flowering and improves flavour.

KALONG Organics Palm Tree Ashes

This organic vegan bloom booster is highly suitable to be used in combination with Guanokalong® Powder in the vegetable garden, especially for tomato cultivation!. Palm tree ash contains a high level of potassium, as well as phosphorus and magnesium. Other elements in the ash help to neutralise the acidity level of the soil.
  1. Balanced NPK Ratios: Guangkalong nutrients are designed with balanced Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) ratios, catering to the specific nutritional needs of plants at different growth stages.
  2. Micronutrient Enrichment: Alongside primary nutrients, their products are enriched with essential micronutrients, vital for plant health and preventing deficiencies.
  3. Organic Formulations: Guangkalong places a strong emphasis on organic gardening, offering nutrient solutions that are derived from natural sources and supporting sustainable cultivation practices.
  4. pH Stability: Their nutrients help maintain stable pH levels in the soil or hydroponic solutions, which is critical for optimal nutrient absorption.
  5. Soil Enhancers: In addition to liquid nutrients, Guangkalong offers soil enhancers that improve soil structure, water retention, and microbial activity.
Products by Guangkalong
  • Guangkalong Grow and Bloom Formulas: These are specifically designed for the vegetative and flowering stages, providing targeted nutrition for each phase.
  • Guangkalong Root Stimulator: This product encourages robust root development, essential for nutrient uptake and overall plant health.
  • Guangkalong Organic Boosters: These boosters are formulated to enhance the natural growth and resilience of plants, using organic compounds.
Conclusion Guangkalong Nutrients offers a comprehensive solution for gardeners looking for high-quality, plant-friendly nutrients. Their range of products ensures that plants receive the necessary support for vigorous growth and abundant yields.