Indica Nutrients Section: Comprehensive Plant Nutrition

The Indica Nutrients Section offers an extensive range of nutrient solutions and supplements specifically formulated to cater to the unique needs of cannabis cultivation. Known for their focus on maximising yield and potency, Indica provides a variety of products that support the healthy growth and development of cannabis plants.

Highlights of Indica Nutrients

Indica Nutrients is dedicated to enhancing the cultivation experience for cannabis growers. Their products are designed to be simple to use, highly effective, and tailored to the specific requirements of cannabis plants.

  1. Targeted Nutrient Solutions: Indica Nutrients offers specialised formulas for each stage of the cannabis plant’s lifecycle, ensuring that plants receive the right nutrients at the right time for optimal growth and flowering.
  2. Enhanced Flowering and Yield: Their range includes nutrients and supplements that focus on increasing flowering potential and overall yield, essential for cannabis growers looking to maximise their harvest.
  3. Quality Ingredients: Indica prioritises the use of high-quality ingredients in its products, ensuring that plants receive clean and effective nutrients for healthy development.
  4. Easy-to-Use Formulas: Understanding the needs of both novice and experienced growers, Indica Nutrients are developed to be easy to mix and apply, making them accessible for all levels of growers.

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Indica Nutrients Afghan Nectar Resin & Smell Enhancer 250ml 1L 5L

Indica’s AFGHAN NECTAR provides all three of these inputs in a highly concentrated, balanced and high-quality form. AFGHAN NECTAR also contains natural saponins to open up the growing media which can become restricted in crops after several weeks of growth.
The concentration of sugars, potassium, phosphorus, and triacontanol in AFGHAN NECTAR are at the same levels or higher than would be found in most standalone products!

Indica Nutrients Cal-Mag Calcium & Magnesium Supplement 250ml 1L 5L

Build a strong and healthy crop by using Indica Cal-Mag in your grow schedule. Calcium is essential for building strong cell walls and magnesium is an essential atom in the chlorophyll pigment that drives photosynthesis. These two nutrients interact constantly and need to be in a precisely balanced ratio for a healthy growth.

Indica Nutrients Himalayan Hardener Fruit Formation PK Booster 250ml 1L 5L

It is widely known that plants need elevated levels of potassium and phosphorus during flowering to optimize yield and biochemical profiles. However, unlike products based on cheap ionic monopotassium phosphate (MPK), Indica’s HIMALAYAN HARDENER provides these nutrients in a superior form = polymerised phosphorus. This is important because phosphorus is easily locked out and becomes unavailable in a matter of hours/days when applied to any system due to precipitation onto the growing media or with other elements (particularly calcium and iron). In contrast, the polymerised phosphates in HIMALAYAN HARDENER release the phosphorus over a period of days to ensure there is always an active available form of phosphorus for the plants to access.

Indica Nutrients Hindu Kush Triple Extract Biostimulant 250ml 1L 5L

HINDU KUSH, the most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant tonic. The most effective bio-stimulants on the market combined into one powerful plant tonic. These premium extracts have been proven to boost yield and quality in crops.

Indica Nutrients Kashmir Roots Microbial Biostimulant 250ml 1L 5L

The consortia of bacteria present in KASHMIR ROOTS are known to possess all three of these modes of action. The specific strains have been thoroughly studied and are only found in KASHMIR ROOTS.
KASHMIR ROOTS contain a range of species and strains of beneficial microbes to ensure that there is a strain suitable for your specific growing conditions and plant variety.

Indica Nutrients Messiah

The Messiah contains every essential plant nutrient and pH optimization in one product. This makes Messiah the only ‘single step’ feed on the market. All other one part fertilizers require the addition of potassium hydroxide or lack one essential nutrient. Messiah contains more nutrition than any other nutrient feed.

Indica Nutrients Root Burst Potent Rooting Biostimulant Gel 50ml

Root Burst rapidly promotes the formation and growth of new roots (adventitious roots) on newly taken cuttings. Owing to Root Burst’s unique formulation the gel does not need to be decanted into a separate container before use. Root Burst also provides a natural barrier around the base of the treated cutting protecting it against infection from pathogenic fungi that can cause serious diseases that could otherwise wipe out a whole tray of cuttings if allowed to spread. 

Indica Nutrients Temple A&B Base Nutrient 1L

TEMPLE RISE A and TEMPLE NOON B is a two-part base nutrient package designed specifically for plants growing in coco. Plants growing in coco (coir/coconut fibre) require a different ratio of nutrients to those growing in soil or a rockwool-based hydroponic system. This is because of the need to counter the naturally high potassium and sodium levels in the coco, and to take advantage of the coco’s natural ability to hold and retain certain nutrients while others are leached through in the run-off.
Key Products by Indica Nutrients
  • Indica Grow and Bloom Formulas: These base nutrients are tailored for the vegetative and flowering stages of cannabis, providing balanced nutrition for each phase.
  • Indica Boosters and Additives: Designed to enhance the flowering stage, these products help increase bud size, density, and potency, key factors for a successful cannabis harvest.
  • Indica Root Health Solutions: Focusing on the foundation of plant growth, their root health solutions promote strong root development, essential for nutrient uptake and overall plant health.
Conclusion The Indica Nutrients Section is an essential resource for cannabis growers seeking specialised nutrient solutions. With their focus on maximising yield and potency, Indica's range of products ensures that cannabis plants receive optimal care for vigorous growth and abundant flowering.