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8 Tier Drying Rack Hanging Hydroponics Drying Net


8 Tier Drying Rack Hanging Hydroponics Senua Grow Tent Drying Net

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  • Modular drying system
  • Multi-layer Round Dry Net has been designed to hang in a grow tent to allow customers to dry their flowers or herbs
  • Could be used to dry anything not to heavy.
  • 8 layers and is totally collapsable
  • Easy Carry Case

Quality Mesh

The high-quality polyester mesh allows the air through easily, faster and safe for drying your herb.

Durable Zipper

A strong durable zipper ensures that all your drying herbs are kept safe and secure within the rack.


Our Senua mesh 8 tier dry rack is widely used for many different applications. Drying herbs, mushrooms, plants, flowers, clothes, fish, peanuts and many more things!

Eight sections high (20cm per section) with a diameter of 58cm.

  • The herb drying rack is a great solution to the problem of how to dry large quantities of herbs, flowers and other plant materials quickly in a small space. Our Senua herb drying rack is a collapsible sock with big shelf compartments for drying your plant and herbs. After use, the herb drying rack collapses flat for easy storage until it is needed the next time.
  • Our Senua drying rack is extremely light and portable.
  • The herb drying rack has velcro and hooks to hang it from. The netting is non-absorbent so that it doesn’t absorb moisture from the plant material. The fabric strap on the top of the drying net is hooked compartments have netted sides to keep everything inside and possible throughout the drying rack because large quantities of damp plant material lumped together can still be a breeding ground of moulds and bacteria.

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