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Botanicare Sweet intensifies your crops natural aromas and flavours, increase fruit sets and smooth transitions between growth phases.

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Botanicare Sweet intensifies your crops natural aromas and flavours, increase fruit sets and smooth transitions between growth phases.

  • – Sturdy stems and thick, robust leaves.
  • – Assists your plant during transition and budding.
  • – Seamless transitions between plant growth phases.
  • – Helps plants succeed in accelerated growing environments
  • – Improves respiration and photosynthesis functions.
  • – Enhances flavours and aromas.
  • – Develops hardy plants with compact internodes.
  • – Will not clog systems.
  • – Guaranteed Analysis: Mg 1.50%, S 2.0%

How Botanicare Sweet Works:

During the flowering and fruiting process, plants photosynthesise light to produce sugar. The sugar is then delivered in the sap around the plant to where it is needed to fuel growth. Botanicare Sweet contains highly absorbable sugars to greatly supplement your plant’s natural sugar production. It also contains a wide range of other ingredients – trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids. These additional compounds support and further boost flower production. Not only that but they also support better disease immunity and general plant health. As a result, when Sweet is used from the beginning of flowering fruiting it will cause a marked increase in blooms, leading to more robust fruit sets with a higher brix level (sugar content).

At the end of flowering/fruiting, Botanicare Sweet will not only consolidates the increase in flowers and their size/weight, but also promote the plant’s own unique terpene and essential oil production for a wonderful natural flavour and aroma profile. The improved plant sap brix level leaves the crop with a sweetness that connoisseurs will love.

Botanicare Sweet Raw does all the above and really brings out the natural flavours of the plant. However, for those seeking to further enhance the flavours and aromas Sweet is available with 1 of 3 naturally derived flavours – citrus, berry or grape. The flavours are achieved by the inclusion of naturally derived, bioactive esters. When esters are absorbed by plants they are stored in the sap and tissues rather than being metabolised. Hence, the naturally derived esters remain in the final product, complementing and augmenting the already boosted and enhanced natural flavours of the plant. Botanicare recommend matching the version of their product with the natural flavour of the fruit. For lemony tasting crops use the Sweet Citrus, for berry tasting plants use Sweet Berry, and for grapey tasting plants use Sweet Grape. If you wish to leave the plant flavour unreinforced then use Sweet Raw to gain the wealth of benefits that it imparts to fruiting speed and the plant’s own aromatics.

How to use Botanicare Sweet:

All four versions of Botanicare Sweet can be used in any grow medium whether it is soil, coco or hydro and can be used in any type of grow-system – even drippers. The solubility of this product means that it will not clog drip lines or draining pipes.

To gain all the many benefits of Botanicare Sweet including the amplified flowering/fruiting begin to use it from the start of flowering and continue to use it right the way up to the flush.

Simply add your choice of Botanicare Sweet to your nutrient solution and mix well.
For the first 3 weeks of bloom use at 2ml/litre
For the 4th and 5th week use at 1.5ml/litre
For the 6th and 7th week use at 1ml/litre

As with all nutrients and boosters, never mix them together in their concentrated form (i.e. straight out of the bottle). Always add each nutrient and booster to your nutrient solution one at a time, giving the mixture a good stir before adding the next one.

After making up your nutrient solution always check the pH and adjust if necessary.

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