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Canna Aqua Clay Pebbles 45L


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This 45 litre bag of clay pebbles comes from the makers of one of the most popular nutrient lines out there. Ideal for use in most hydroponic systems – IWS, Wilma, Aquafarm, etc., and also great for improving drainage and aeration in more traditional mediums like soil and coco.

For even better results, why not take a look at HydroCorn clay pebbles? The price difference is negligible, but HydroCorn’s unique ‘popcorn’ shape gives it a greater surface area, while creating more air gaps to oxygenate roots. This delivers faster growth rates and stronger plants, making it well worth the trade-up!

  • High porosity and high air content
  • Tested to ensure a neutral pH
  • Completely fungus free
  • Low soluble salt content
  • Environmentally friendly

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