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Canna Coco Natural 50L


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Canna Coco Natural is a popular growing medium made from coconut fibre. Canna Coco Natural provides an ideal water and air retention ratio for healthy roots and fast plant growth.
Pro Tip: Canna CalMag can help maintain an optimal nutrient balance, especially in soft water.

  • Coco is an ever-increasingly popular growing medium
  • Canna is recognised as the industry-leading Coco producer
  • Provides an ideal, moist and airy rooting medium
  • Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
  • Easy to use
  • Free of pathogens and diseases
  • Allows very fast growth and a very healthy root system
  • Can be re-used several times
  • Can be used in re-circulating or run-to-waste systems


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Weight5000 g
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