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Canna Mono Elements 1L


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Fix Specific Deficiencies with Canna Mononutrients!

There are lots of high quality, ready made base nutrient formulations out there which have been optimised for certain substrates and different stages of the plants’ life. Despite this, deficiencies can, and often do, still occur. Canna Mononutrients only contain one nutrient element in each bottle (except for the Trace Mix). This allows the grower to identify and treat a deficiency in one particular nutrient without having to feed more of everything which could just cause even more problems.The range includes the following single nutrient supplements: Nitrogen (N 17%), Phosphorous (P 16%), Potassium (K 17%), Magnesium (MgO 7%) and Trace Mix.

  • Only single elements in each bottle (except Trace Mix)
  • Enables growers to fix one specific nutrient deficiency
  • Can be used as boosters for different stages of growth (e.g. N for veg or K for flowering/fruiting)
  • Fix specific nutrient deficiency problems such as Phosphorous (P)
  • Contain only the highest quality ingredients
  • Work great with any nutrients and especially Canna nutrients


1x 1 Litre bottle of Canna Mononutrient of your choice

How Canna Mononutrients Work

Nutrient deficiencies can arise for many reasons. Perhaps the nutrient solution has not been changed out recently. Or perhaps there have been pH problems. In these circumstances, the plants may have been starved of certain nutrients and signs of a deficiency may have developed. Even using quality nutrients like Canna, may not be able to stave off deficiencies from developing. However, once the root cause of the problem has been corrected, it may still be necessary to rectify the deficiency problem. For example, if pH being off has caused a Calcium deficiency then correcting the pH problem is the first place to start. By using Canna Calcium Mononutrient as a supplement for a period of time it will help the plants to bounce back more quickly.

Each of the Canna Mononutrient range is formulated from only the highest quality ingredients and is designed to fix specific nutrient deficiencies quickly and effectively.

Canna Mono Nitrogen (N 17%)
Canna Mono Phosphorous (P 16%)
Canna Mono Potassium (K 17%)
Canna Mono Magnesium (MgO 7%)

How to Use Canna Mononutrients

If your plants are unfortunate enough to have developed a nutrient deficiency, the first thing that it is important to do is identify the particular nutrient that the plant is short of and then obtain the appropriate Canna Mononutrient to correct it.

Here is a VERY brief guide to identifying deficiencies:

Nitrogen: Yellowing leaves starting with the lower leaves, purple stalks, leaves eventually fall off

Phosphorous: Plant becomes dark green, slow growth, necrotic (dying/dead) patches on leaves which eventually curl, shrivel and fall off.

Potassium: Grey edges on young leaves, rusty dead spots appear, uneven yellowing particularly the veins.

Calcium: Beige spots appear on lower leaves at first. The spots turn darker brown in the middle with a sharp edge.

Magnesium: Hazy, rusty spots appear particularly in-between the veins on the leaves.

Iron: Leaves yellow in-between the veins, particularly on the younger leaves but spreading down the plant. Eventually the leaves turn almost white.

Trace Elements: The Canna Mononutrients Trace Mix contains and will treat deficiencies in the following micronutrients:

0.06% Iron (Fe) DTPA & EDDHA
0.07% Molybdenum (Mo)
0.06% Copper (Cu)
0.6% Manganese (Mn)
0.3% Boron (B)
0.3% Zinc (Zn)

Iron – Deficiency manifests as described above
Molybdenum – This enables the plant to metabolise Nitrogen. A lack of this looks similar to Nitrogen deficiency.
Copper – A deficiency in this causes weak stems with some dieback, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth.
Manganese – Interveinal chlorosis, brown dead spots on leaves. Early leaf drop.
Boron – Young growth is stunted, sometimes there is a reddish discolouration of leaves
Zinc – The most obvious signs of a boron deficiency are very short internodes and small leaves.

After identifying the deficiency and obtaining the right Mononutrient to deal with it, next “flush” through the medium with lots of plain water in order to wash out any old nutrient held within it. This gives a “clean sheet” to start from again.

Make up a fresh nutrient solution with a quality nutrient. Add the appropriate Canna Mononutrient at the specified rate on the bottle and stir well.

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Mono Trace Elements, Mono Iron, Mono Nitrogen (N 17%), Mono Phosphorous (P 16%), Mono Magnesium (MgO 7%), Mono Calcium, Mono Potassium (K 17%), canna organic acid, D Block


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