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FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe Cal-Mag (Fe-Cu-Mn-Zn-Mo-B) Additive. 1L Bottle


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Cal-Mag (Fe-Cu-Mn-Zn-Mo-B) Additive

Ca-Mg-Fe prevents plant nutrient deficiency symptoms, especially where “high pH” waters are used or when nutrient solutions are subject to volatile changes in pH and EC.

  • Ca-Mg-Fe helps prevent or cure leaf yellowing, leaf curl, stunted growth, withered fruit-set and bud rot.
  • Unlike other cal-mags, Ca-Mg-Fe also contains the full spectrum* of trace elements:
    1. Many base nutrient formulations are deficient in trace elements.
    2. Most nutrient deficiencies are in fact due to trace elements.
    3. Many trace element species destabilize when subjected to hard or “high-pH” water however, Ca-Mg-Fe contains alkaline-resistant compounds that cope with pH levels up to 10.
      *Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and boron
  • Ca-Mg-Fe is 100% compatible with all liquid or powdered base nutrients that are deficient in cal-mag or essential trace elements.
  • Use through veg and bloom at 1-2ml/L (4-7.5 ml/Gal).

*Iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and boron.

FloraMax Ca-Mg-Fe

Download the FloraMax Growers Guide.
The FloraMax Difference.

NOTE: ^Ca-Mg-Fe should not be used in conjunction with VegaFlora AB or Veg-1 as it will likely cause a cal-mag toxicity.

When using FloraMax, do I need a “cal-mag”? No, the FloraMax line is designed to eliminate the requirement for additional “cal-mag” additives as its built into our base nutrients and Flowering Enhancer product. Over hundreds of test grows during the development phase there was never any need for a dedicated cal-mag additive. Furthermore, use of additional “cal-mag” may result in excessive calcium precipitate leading to clogged lines or build-up in the reservoir.

Why then does FloraMax manufacture a “cal-mag”? To address the deficiencies found in competing brands. We are committed to helping growers achieve their best results regardless of the nutrient regime they follow, our Ca-Mg-Fe product is ideal for use with other regimes.


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