FLYING SKULL Spread Coat Wetting Agent


Directions for use:
1. Add your pesticide to water and mix thoroughly into a solution.
2. Add Spread Coat to the solution and mix.
3. Spray a small amount of the Spread Coat treated solution on a few leaves and look closely to make sure the solution is not beading up and running off.

If the sprayed solution is not completely covering the leaves add more Spread Coat and test again. Repeat these steps until a nice, even coat is achieved, with little waste. Make a note of how much Spread Coat was needed, for future applications.

Basic dosage: 5-10ml of Spread Coat; per 3.5 litres of pesticide solution.

Suitable for use on all food crops and ornamental plants.

Not for use on aquatic sites.

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Sell together with Flying Skull’s Nuke Em Advanced for the best treatment and protection from pests.

Plants, insects and powdery mildew have something in common; they shed water to stay dry. Spread Coat is a plant-based wetting agent that helps pesticides properly coat leaves, stems and pests.

The longer the pesticides stay on the plant, the better the application. Spread Coat gives the grower a greater chance of accomplishing the desired pest control in an economical fashion while minimizing pesticide usage and labour.

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250ML, 1 LTR


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