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Grodan Delta Cubes


  • Effortless start-up of propagation
  • Uniform WC and EC distribution
  • Easy WC management
  • Excellent root growth throughout the block
  • Greater firmness for better handling
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Grodan’s range of rockwool cubes and slabs are trusted by growers across the globe. They are the world’s leading rockwool manufacturer and have been developing rockwool products since the 1960’s, supplying growers in over 60 countries.

Grodan now hold both the prestigious KIWA Dutch quality award and the European Eco Label award, so you can be assured of exceptional quality in every batch. Don’t risk your yields by growing with a poor substitute.

Nutriculture only recommend Grodan: the premier rockwool brand.


The benefits of Grodan rockwool


Completely sterile and inert – ideal hydroponic growing medium. Reduced risk of pests and disease.

Even root growth – predominantly vertical fibre structure means identical levels of resistance for each root, so roots grow evenly.

Increased root development – structure of the rockwool is designed for optimum air / water balance and accelerated rooting.

Uniformity – quality and structure is uniform, so water content and EC (CF) will remain the same for every plant.

Re-wetting – Grodan rockwool is easy to re-saturate if it dries out, reducing the risk of root damage.

Once seeds or cuttings are rooted in a propagation cube, transplant them to a Grodan Delta cube. 3″ and 4″ cubes are ideal for use in NFT, slab culture, dripper or Ebb & Flood systems. 6″ Hugo cube can be used for deep Ebb & Flood tables or passive pot culture.

Remove the plastic sleeve before transplanting into a Nutriculture hydro system for increased oxygen to the root zone and accelerated growth.


3″ Deep cubes


Delta 5.6G 42/40 is compatible with SBS 36/77 propagation cubes.

Additional information


Grodan delta cube 3" small hole, Grodan delta cube 3" Large hole, Cultil̬ne 100mm (4") Cube РSmall Hole (28/35), Cultil̬ne 100mm (4") Cube РLarge Hole (38/35), Grodan delta cube 6" Large hole, Grodan tray 77, Grodan tray 150


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