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Growth Technology pH Buffer 7


A solution with a set pH value of 7.00 – to be used for calibration of pH meters, monitors and controllers.

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Growth Technology PH buffer 4 and 7 solutions are of a known and fixed PH, which are used to calibrate your PH meter and should be done on a regular basis to ensure ongoing accuracy from the meter.

Pour out a small amount to use for calibration and remember to discard the used solution when finished, do not pour it back into the container as it will contaminate your new solution

First use PH buffer 7 solutions to calibrate your meter to neutral, once this is done we recommend you then use PH buffer 4 to calibrate your meter to this level, this will give you a two-point calibration and be far more reliable than just calibrating to one.

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1 LTR, 300ml


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