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ISOMAX 150 (6) 3 SPEED – 430m³/hr
ISOMAX 200 (8) 3 SPEED – 900m³/hr
ISOMAX 250 (10) – 1500m³/hr
ISOMAX 250 (10) – 2400m³/hr
ISOMAX 315 (12) – 2400m³/hr
ISOMAX 315 (12) – 3300m³/hr

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The unstoppable rise of Isomax Acoustic Fans has been one of the major success stories of recent years in the UK indoor gardening market. With a reassuringly robust design and high quality components, each of the four units will comfortably help you overcome the challenges of extracting air from a modern grow room. Key features include the innovative baffle and acoustic lined chamber (much like a very large silencer) that successfully combine to minimise overall noise output whilst allowing for movement of gargantuan amounts of air. Both of the two smaller fans also provide convenient inbuilt fan speed controllers, offering even more value for money! Very highly recommended!

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150MM 6" FAN 430m³/hr, 200MM 8" FAN 900m³/hr, 250MM 10" FAN 1500m³/hr, 250MM 10" FAN 2400m³/hr, 315MM 12" FAN 2400m³/hr, 315MM 12" FAN 3300m³/hr


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