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KALONG Guano Powder


GuanoKalong Powder is a natural bat dung soil enhancer that excelerates root development, produces exhuberent flowering and improves flavour.

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Guanokalong Powder product details:

his organic super fertiliser is full of natural ingredients and improves the flavourquality and yield of the end product.

Guanokalong® Powder provides astonishing growth by fortifying the root zone with essential micro-elements and enzymes. The plant also receives the necessary macro-elements such as phosphorus to stimulate healthy plant growth.

  • Improved flavour, quality and yield.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Stimulates root growth.
  • Abundant bloom.
  • Provides added protection from bacterial infections.
  • Decreased risk of leaf scorch due to the slow release of nutrients.
  • No unpleasant odour.
  • No expiration date when kept in a dark and dry location.


GuanoKalong Powder Use:

  • Mix 1 kg with 100 – 200 liters of soil in 1st week or mix 1 cup of 50 gr. for each plant in a 7-liter-pot.
  • Outdoor : 1 plant = 100 gr. every 2 months starting in April.
  • Powder = quick controlled release.

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