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About 50% of nutrients stay locked in your media or water. What a waste!

Liberate nutrients with Mammoth P – an organic, sustainable microbial inoculant.
It’ll free up 30% more phosphorus than the average community.
Drives phosphorus, nitrogen & micronutrient uptake
Up to 16% yield increase, 6% stem density increase
Great in any media & hydro system
Use it in flowering to ramp up bud formation and size. Use it during propagation to root clones faster.

How To Use
Since it contains live ingredients, Mammoth P has a shelf life of 24 months.
The exact dilution rate varies, depending on your stage of growth and growing method. Remember, Mammoth P is potent, so go easy in hydro systems where nutrients are more readily available!

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The Story It wasn’t developed overnight! Growcentia’s PhD scientists (from Colorado State University) screened 100’s of soils from across the US to examine the bacteria they naturally contained. They found and tested thousands of bacteria colonies to discover which were best at phosphorus cycling. The winning colony was replicated and variants were tested again. Rinse, repeat. 100 generations later, the scientists had created an extraordinary colony of 4 bacteria that couldn’t be beaten: Pseudomonas putida Comamonas testosteroni Citrobacter freundii Enterobacter cloacae Together, these 4 bacteria are 30 x more effective than other microbe communities. They keep plants healthy and promote growth – even under the harshest climates. To do this, they constantly produce enzymes. It’s these enzymes that mobilise nutrients that are normally chemically bound in your soil & hydro systems. Increases Phosphorus & Micro-Nutrient Uptake In coco, which can lock out phosphorus, this is really handy Up To 16% Yield Increase Customers who use it have had a yield increase of up to 16%! Up To 6% Stem Strength Increase Stems become denser and can support a bigger, heavier yield Protects Roots The microbes in Mammoth P stop harmful pathogens from surviving by out competing them! No EC/CF It doesn’t compete with your base nutrient in any way – it has no EC or CF and is almost pH neutral. 100% Organic It’s OMRI certified and is described as ‘life in a bottle’ since it’s packed with living microbes. University Developed This stuff was developed by two of Growcentia’s PhD research scientists at a leading US university and extensively tested – it’s been proven to increase growth.

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120ml, 250ML, 1 LTR, 5 LTR, 500ml


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