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Red Scorpion inline fan


Carbon Steel Fabrication
Strong Magnetic Motor
Easy Fits Duct Flange
High Pressure Airflow
1.8 Metre Cable and UK Plug

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An indoor garden requires a good ventilation system to allow fresh air to come into the space and to remove unwanted stale air from it.

A good extractor fan will remove excess heat and humidity from the room and provide much needed air flow for your plants. Fresh air flow provides the plants with critical carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis.

Poor ventilation can result in slow plant growth and inadequate crops and can even contribute to the conditions needed for mould and pests to breed.

An extractor fan can be installed directly into the wall or attached to ducting. Its optimum position is high up in the grow room as heat will rise.

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TT 5" 125MM, TT 6" 150MM, TT 4" 100MM


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