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Senua metal Halide bulbs


Life 20000 hours
Watts 400w
Finish/Colour Coolwhite
Length 2860mm
Diameter 47mm

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Senua Quartz Metal Halide with clear outer bulb. Tubular 400w rated at 4500 Kelvin and classed as Cool white. Main applications are sports lighting, floodlighting of buildings and monuments, area lighting e.g. harbour and building sites, canopy lighting and horticultural purposes. For use on control gear designed for high pressure mercury or sodium lamps. Benefits:- High safety and comfort level maintained Minimal maintenance cost Initial investment saving options “Plus” concept. Features:- Clear tubular outer bulb Unique 3-band technology resulting in high luminous efficacy, both initially and over long lifetime Renders a natural white colour appearance and good colour stability.

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600w, 400w


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