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Senua Soil Moisture Meter, 4 in 1 Smart Soil Test Kit


The Senua Smart Monitor utilises professional photometry equipment that displays the intensity of light in real-time. Allowing you to take care of your plants in the most appropriate conditions. The integrated temperature sensor adopts the same solution. You can check the environment around your plants and place them in better places around your home for optimum growth and flowering.

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  • 🌱4 in 1 PLANT MONITOR: Bluetooth 4.1, Know More about your Plants Condition by Connecting Plant Monitor to “Flowers Care” APP via Bluetooth; The APP has a Data Base of More Than 900 Plants Caring Methods and CAN Identify 3000 Kinds of Plants.
  • 💦SUNLIGHT SENSOR: Bluetooth Smart Plant Tracker that has Accurate Record Helps to Read and Analyze Intensity of Sunlight; Measurable Light Intensity up to 100000LUX and Light Intensity Precision up to 100LUX.
  • 💡NUTRIENT MONITOR: 4 Stainless Steel EC Probes at the Bottom of the Plant Monitor for Tracking Available Fertilizers Content in the Soil Accurately; Soil Nutrient Content will be Sent to your Phone, then you can Fertilize Following the Reference Information.
  • 🌡️TEMPERATURE SENSOR: This Plant Monitor has Professional Accurate Temperature Sensor helps you to Monitor and Analyze Temperature; And the Temperature Detection is Accurate to 0.5 Degrees Celsius.
  • 🔎SOIL MOISTURE DETECTOR: Black Long Strips Section Helps to Detect Water Content of the Soil Quickly, Can Accurately Know Whether the Plant Should be Watered; The Monitoring Result Precision Reaches to Professional Soil Probe EC5 Standard.

Senua 4 in 1 Intelligent Sensor

Provides information on soil moisture, fertility levels, temperatures and light intensities.

The Grow nursing home is an intelligent sensor designed to be planted in an indoor pot.

This Senua unit connects via Bluetooth to your smart device, providing information on soil moisture, fertility level, temperature and light intensity. It gives you specific comments on the maintenance of your particular plant through the “Flower Care” application for iOS or Android.

1. Make sure your phone system is Android 4.1 or IOS 7.0 and higher

2. Scan the QR code in the instruction manual, or search for the App “Flowers Care” APP on your app store.

3. When monitoring hydroponic flowers, the EC probe cannot be immersed in water for a long time, just a few seconds is enough

4. The device must be kept dry and not exposed to rain.

5. If the app cannot pair with your device. Try to put your phone roughly 10cm away and attempt Bluetooth pairing again

Easy to Use

1. Insert the plant monitor above two-thirds of the soil. (just a few centimeters)

2. Download the “Flower care” app, and add the device.

3. When the light blinks twice, this indicates that your device is connected.

How to connect:

1. Open the back cover of the factory display, remove the insulator under the battery, then close the back cover

2. Insert the plant monitor into the pot, or garden soil no more than 2/3 position;

3. Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the “Flower Care” APP

4. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth

5. Log in to your Mi account or create a Mi account

6. Click in the upper right corner of the APP interface

7. Then, the APP will automatically scan and pair the factory monitor (if the device cannot be found, please place the device within 10 cm)

8. After a successful connection, the light detection will flash twice


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