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Smart Co2 Bag


Smart CO2 is a safe, natural and effective way of producing CO2 (carbon dioxide) for your crops. Other methods such as generators or CO2 tanks may be too costly and time consuming. You do not need any further maintenance after the bag has been correctly placed over the plant.

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Smart CO2 Bag

The Smart Grower CO2 Bags are an easy, affordable way to increase the amount of carbon dioxide within a growing environment. They are safe and easy to set up, requiring no maintenance. It works by when these bags come into contact with oxygen, it starts to produce carbon dioxide. One bag will be sufficient to produce enough carbon dioxide to fill an area of around 10m2 for as long as 3 months, depending on the air circulation in the grow room.

Extra sources of carbon dioxide are great for plants; it increases plant growth, helps flowers and fruits to ripen faster, and means they can withstand higher temperatures.

  • CO2 supplement for increasing plant growths
  • Helps flowers and fruits to ripen faster
  • Plants can withstand higher temperatures
  • Simple to set up and requires no maintenance
  • For use within indoor grow rooms
  • When using, always wear suitable PPE
  • Shake bottle before


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