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VitaLink Earth Grow 5 Ltr


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A mineral-based nutrient to give you the best possible results in soil, ideal for your potted plants. Phosphite for faster growth and maximum yield. The key ingredient in VitaLink Earth is phosphite, which is a superior form of phosphorus, essential for successful plant development. Other brands supply phosphorus as phosphate. Phosphite is absorbed much more easily than phosphate because it is made up of three oxygen atoms, whereas phosphate is made up of four. VitaLink Earth contains the perfect balance of phosphite and phosphate in a ratio that is scientifically proven to boost growth and yield! Phosphite is proven to reduce the risk of plant disease. Cobalt and nickel for better overall plant health and development. VitaLink Earth is a mineral nutrient that has been developed to contain everything your plants needs for fastest growth, healthy plant development and large yield when growing in soil, including a unique ratio of phosphite/phosphate.

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