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Wilma Complete kits


Kit contains tank,tray,pots,pump,delivery system,flood drippers,arrow drippers and full instructions

Wilma Small 60x60x20cm
Wilma Large 75x75x20cm
Wilma XL 90x90x20cm
Wilma XXL 115x115x20cm
Wilma Wide 120x60x20cm
Wilma Wide large 170x75x20cm
Wilma Wide Xlarge 190x90x20cm

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Ideal for first time growers or those of you yet to discover the benefits of active hydro. Space saving design fits into even the smallest gro-room.
Designed by Nutricultures research and development team for Atami and distributed exclusively by Nutriculture in the Uk. The Atami Wilma is an active hydro growing system offering the precision of hydroponic feeding combined with the flexibility of growing in pots.
Ideal for use with a range of growing media including pebbles, coco and soil and supplied with everything you need to grow including both flood and arrow dippers to allow the grower complete freedom in their choice of growing medium and the ability to change growing mediums if you so wanted a change after a few grows.
With moveable pots and handy pot location pins on the top tray, the Wilma provides complete flexibility and typical Nutriculture quality construction. Plants can be quickly and easily moved around to help you keep crop growth very tidy – it’s not hard to see why the Wilma has taken mainland Europe by storm.
Wilma Systems are available in 4, 8, 10, 16 and 20 plant versions, the 4, 8 and 16 plant versions use 11 Litre pots and the 10 and 20 plant versions using 6.5 Litre pots –

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wilma small 4 x 6L, wilma small 4 x 11L, wilma large 8 x 6L, wilma large 4 x 11L, wilma large 4 x 18L, wilma XL 8 x 11L, wilma XL 4 x 18L, wilma XL 4 x 25L, wilma XXL 20 x 6L, wilma XXL 16 x 11L, wilma XXL 8 x 18L, wilma XXL 5 x 25L, wilma XXL 9 x 18L, wilma WIDE 10 x 6L, wilma WIDE 8 x 11L, wilma WIDE LARGE 8 x 11L, wilma WIDE LARGE 8 x 18L, wilma WIDE XL 8 x 18, wilma WIDE XL 8 x 25L


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