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X-Stream Propagators


X-Stream Propagators Heated or Unheated, with or without Lights

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The X-Stream Heat has a heated base which provides evenly dispersed heat so there’s no hot or cold spots or uneven growth. The vented lid allows you to control humidity and by using the optional thermostat you can control temperature levels from 5°C to 30°C.

Maximum control – set and maintain the desired heat and humidity levels to suit the specific growing environment.
Large enough for the serious grower – most heated propagators are only suited to small scale growing. A large X-Stream Heat fits three trays of Grodan SBS cubes – which is 450 plants!
Even Growth – no hot or cold spots means plants develop at the same rate and can be transplanted together.
Ease of Use – digital thermostat displays actual temperature and desired minimum temperaturefor easy monitoring of the growing environment.

Growers Tips

  • Place thermostat in the correct area.
  • To set root temperature, place the probe on the base of propagator.
  • To set air temperature, suspend the probe in the propagator through one of the adjustable vents.
  • If setting desired minimum air temperature, be aware that the temperature of the base (the roots) will be 1°C – 2°C above the temperature of the air.

Avoid placing the propagator on the floor
To reach and maintain desired temperature sooner, avoid placing a heated propagator on the floor.

Available in Small or Large in a variety of combinations of heated or unheated, with or without thermostat, with or without Lights, 2 or 4 T5 or LED Lights available


  • Small: 61 x 42 x 28 cm
  • Large: 111 x 62 x 28 cm
  • Small Heated power: 37W
  • Large Heated power rating: 100W
  • T5 Lights: SunBlaster brand, 60cm for the small propagator, 120cm for the large propagator
  • LED Lights: Street Light LED Strips 60cm for the small propagator, 120cm for the large propagator


Additional information

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Unheated Small, Unheated Large, Heated Small, Unheated Small + 2x T5, Heated Small + 2x T5, Heated Small + Thermostat, Heated Large, Unheated Large + 2x T5, Heated Small + 2x T5 + Thermostat, Heated Large + Thermostat, Heated Small + 2x LED, Heated Large + 2x T5, Heated Small + 2x LED + Thermostat, Unheated Large + 4x T5, Heated Large + 2x T5 + Thermostat, Heated Large + 4x T5, Heated Large + 2x LED, Heated Large + 4x T5 + Thermostat, Heated Large + 2x LED + Thermostat, Heated Large + 4x LED, Heated Large + 4x LED + Thermostat


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